Atari ST - 1991

Empire was an adventure/strategy simulation game where the player was responsible of a mining colony on Mars. However, soon after the game started, the player would receive a distress message from Earth before the home world went completely silent.

The player had to build a scout ship to reach Earth and see what's going on there, and this included finding a way to mine Phobos and Deimos. When he finally reached Earth, everything was destroyed there - and he would find messages indicating that alien ships suddenly appeared and obliterated the Earth's global defence system. But the player will soon lose contact with the scout ship and realizesthat he also gave away his position to the unknown invader... and that the same invader is coming from a mysterious planet between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter. Who could this be?

Like most of my games, Empire was far from being completed. It is a shame because I did write a whole story for it, and I believe the final game would have been fun to play and it featured an unique mix of strategy and adventure elements.


Each time I started working on a new game, I would do a lot of research and spend a fair amount of time sketching ideas and concepts. These would often spill out into the margins of my school work, much to the annoyance of my teachers...

EMPIRE is 1991 - Laurent KERMEL